Kirby Rement Unboxing-Popstar Night Cinema

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Until running across these adorable miniatures, I had sworn to myself that there would be no more Rements. I love them but I literally have no space–even though they are hardly spacious ha ha ha.

I ended up picking two boxes of Kirby and co at the Popstar Night Cinema. Why can’t I work in this theater?? I can almost imagine this colorful building with a red velvet curtain and plush seating. 🙂 What attracted me to this set was the figure included  with nearly all of the boxes. Something tells me that their popcorn is extra sweet!


I scored a Meta Knight in a plush chair and Bandana Dee at the ticket booth 🙂 I love how Meta Knight’s chair even has a hole in it for his coffee cup. The ticket booth offers both a hole in the middle and bottom of the window for Bandana to sell you tickets 🙂

My only regret was not picking up more but then again, I’d probably have to store them in the kitchen at this point ^__^;;

Yu Yu Hakasho Merch, Yahoo!

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Hello hotness. 

One of my favorite shows is Yu Yu Hakasho–I watched it occasionally as a kid but didn’t understand the full meaning until I recently restarted it.


Me in the morning 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Initially, I remembered vague bits and thought the show was just a pure fighting anime. I couldn’t have been more wrong–uncovering a story full of depth and highly interesting characters. Yusuke’s realization of how his death affects his friends and family reminds us of how death changes loved ones. As a ghost, Yusuke is able to view their grief and struggle first-hand. Now, that’s a little of heavy of an experience for real life–which is why I prefer such contemplation through a television show.

Since the anime came out in 1992, I would never expect much in the way of merchandise. However, during my most recent anime con visit I happened to come across some blind box collectibles. Each box comes with an acrylic character floating over an acrylic stand. I’m usually not a fan of the 2d look of acrylic merchandise however, the chibi aspect of the characters lends itself adorably.


I ended up getting Kurama, who is still Mr. Cool even in flatten form. I hope to get fortunate with some more Yu Yu Hakasho merch. If anything, maybe I can make some of my own ^___^



Re-ment Blind Box: Pokemon Tea Set

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Ahhhh Re-ment miniatures–it’s been too long!

I recently uncovered the Pokemon floral cup collection. I picked this up at a recent anime con and wanted nothing more than to purchase the entire set. Unsurprisingly, I had already gotten into trouble with other purchases and figured it would be wise to purchase just one.

Ironically, what I adored about this miniature was how massive it happened to be ^__^ and how there was so much weight to it. After viewing the entire list of possibilities I could honestly say that I would be happy with any of the “pokecups” that I chose.


Each of the Pokemon adorably complemented their teacup and chosen floral arrangement. If I had to choose, I would say that #6 Mew was what I hoped for most. I was very much in love with the shiny lavender cup.

I ended up getting Eevee (which apparently is Eievui in Japanese) who ended up being super adorable on top of its puffy white teacup.

Ahhh so cute, I still ask to this day why can’t Pokemon be real?? o__O



Halloween Party 2018–Mostly thoughts on Last Year

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One of my favorite aspects of Halloween is that it seems so much easier to get people together. I love mingling with old friends though sadly, this time of year seems like the only time I get to see some of them 😦

Each year, I start a little earlier when it comes down to planning for my epic Halloween party. My friends and I try harder each year to create a more mind-blowing spectacle. Last year, our theme was ‘Witches and Wizards’ where we created a giant bulbous cauldron and a few other props. From the ceiling of my friend’s garage we hung floating candles and customized several old pieces of furniture from goodwill.

My favorite prop was absolutely the cauldron–the endlessly bubbly dry ice definitely created the magical atmosphere. I ended up camping out in the corner with my Halloween tarot cards by Kipling West (a MUST for any fellow Halloween addicts out there) and really enjoyed reading the fortunes of the party goers.

This year, we are doing a Viking/Skyrim theme but its been more challenging than last year. Firstly, everyone seems to have more life going on and less time to meet up. For me, I don’t really know how to conceptualize Viking/Skyrim-inspired decor. I think I overthink it, not really sure how to create decorations that scream ‘Skyrim‘ when you instantly gaze upon it. Magical books, cauldrons, and crystal balls automatically give that ‘witchy’ feel but with Vikings I really wasn’t sure where to start.

Researching Skyrim, I saw a pattern of textures and colors but mostly fantasy tavern artifacts such as mugs and stone walls. I’m super faithful to themes when it comes to decorating, mostly because I believe that being consistent really makes a more impressive atmosphere. However, I just don’t feel consistent with the theme. I sometimes feel more Skyrim, sometimes too fantasy taverny, sometimes too historical Vikingy. Ahh the artist’s dilemma haha. Only me.

Here’s a few decorations so far, I’m not really sure how I’m doing. My hope is that the party will still be enchanting/magical.


Yup, I bought this pumpkin because it was an easy decoration piece #cheater.


This piece has been the most difficult to conceptualize–and the paint wouldn’t stick to it it’s bland white surface with any sort of ease.




Metallic glass orb thingie…yeah I wasn’t sure what I was going with this, I use this decoration every year lol.


I had a lot of fun converting an old wooden into this adorable pumpkin bed.


Complete with a Yggdrasil seal. I will be also using this seal in the invitations and I really like adding that additional bit of cohesion.


My super top secret Halloween plans. Keeping this away from the friends, I am hoping that they will like everything. I’m unsure only because I don’t feel confident in my approach this year.

Last year was easy, this year, more artistically challenging hahaha.



The Best Halloween from Dollar Tree

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I have to laugh at myself, because I keep thinking I don’t have a specific Halloween style. I must be “all over the place” but this isn’t true. I really go for the cheap, cutesy stuff.

It’s my way of “rebelling” from the demands of society. In the professional world, I hate how everything has to be serious and organized. It’s so fucking boring. Everything has to be “a certain way” and “serious” and all drives me crazy. Why can’t things just be junky and chaotic?

So that’s why my Halloween is unorganized and excessive. I just like being free when I decorate to just throw things wherever without all of the stupid rules.

My love of the maximalist life is what often draws me to the Dollar Store. Ahhh the D.S., the place of affordability–where I can dump piles of stuff into my cart and leave knowing that I can still buy food. Halloween is where I really love to indulge, and the Dollar Store never fails to amuse me with the amount of cute they stock.

Here are a few goodies I’ve picked up this season. The best part is, if you see anything you like, you know it isn’t expensive or elusive.

ENJOY ^__^


I love the sparkle of this sign. The quality is really nice for something you only paid $1 for.


Wahhhhhh! Who can say no to this adorable scaredy-cat! I found this hidden under tons of garlands. I think if this cat had been more visible, there would have been none left.



The true reason why I found this cat so endearing…

IMG_9811 A gorgeous bouquet with a creepy eye in the center. They offered them in black, purple or burgundy.

IMG_9812 A sweet pointy witch hat.


These bone champagne glasses are really bright and shiny. Perfect for someone who likes bright, fun colors.

The total cost for these decorations pictured…$6.00!!

Halloween Haul: Target

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Bwhahaha…YES!! I am always so excited to shop for Halloween. This time of year is the only time you’ll see me shop for decorations. I probably own enough black and orange to completely design a house or two…yet I must purchase more *____*…

This year at Target, I finally broke down and allowed myself to indulge in a few items that have been stuck on my wants list for the last few years: lighting. I made sure to pick up a bat projector this year and then I broke down and also bought an orange/purple light projector from Phillips. I can say that I am happy with both–each set of light does add to the magical atmosphere of my place.


All the goodies. Lights, favors, makeup and a movie.


I was quite delighted to find this movie (or I should say movies). I don’t ever recall watching the second Halloweentown and the first brings up such fond memories… ahhh…


LOL, I love how cutesy creepy these bubbles are. More on the sweet side which I am always down for when it comes to Halloween.


I cannot wait to give this nail polish a try: glow in the dark nail polish and glitter makeup from one of my favorite makeup brands.


I broke down and bought these super adorable skeleton string lights. They are colorful and fun–each skeleton fading into a different color of its own choosing.


FINALLY!! What a treat after all of these years of wanting a motion projector…


Such a fun decoration! The moving bats really adds a whimsical touch to our place.

Halloween Decor Find: Spirit LED Candle

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Yesterday I took a trip with my boyfriend to Spirit Halloween. We found ourselves in a bit of trouble–hauling a giant bag out of the store instead of window shopping *insert laughter*

One of my finds was this cool sparkly LED face candle ^_^

It reminds me of an enchanted candle of a Disney movie. The candle flickers while the face changes from one vibrant color to another.


Tee hee, I’m so ready for this season to begin!

Let the spooky times commence. Someone watches us in the night bwhaha.