Trying Out Ramune Gummies

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You know the saying, People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?

Well, I have my own saying to add: Sugar addicts should not enter candy shops.

Just as deep, right??

It turns out that I was itching for another cavity in life and looked up a local sweets shop that happened to be the largest in the state.

The bf and I headed over and left with a giant bag of sugar ^___^ I was happy to see a solid selection of Japanese candy–as we noticed many of the aisles had old school American candy (such as those candy dots on paper and thin ribbon candy).

I ended up picking out the Ramune Flavor Gummy Candy. As an avid addict of the Ramune soda, I was ecstatic to try out the soda in gummy form.


Surprisingly, this candy managed to carry a carbonated flavor, and a burst of the signature Ramune flavor (which reminds me of bubble gum) followed by an aftertaste of bubbles.

YUM–extreme yum.


I removed the gummy in low lighting, it almost glowed tee hee. Give me the glowing alien candy!! 

If you are fan of Ramune, soda, or bubble gum–you gotta have this candy! (They sell it on Amazon too ^___^)

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