Kirby Rement Unboxing-Popstar Night Cinema

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Until running across these adorable miniatures, I had sworn to myself that there would be no more Rements. I love them but I literally have no space–even though they are hardly spacious ha ha ha.

I ended up picking two boxes of Kirby and co at the Popstar Night Cinema. Why can’t I work in this theater?? I can almost imagine this colorful building with a red velvet curtain and plush seating. 🙂 What attracted me to this set was the figure included  with nearly all of the boxes. Something tells me that their popcorn is extra sweet!


I scored a Meta Knight in a plush chair and Bandana Dee at the ticket booth 🙂 I love how Meta Knight’s chair even has a hole in it for his coffee cup. The ticket booth offers both a hole in the middle and bottom of the window for Bandana to sell you tickets 🙂

My only regret was not picking up more but then again, I’d probably have to store them in the kitchen at this point ^__^;;

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