Yu Yu Hakasho Merch, Yahoo!

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Hello hotness. 

One of my favorite shows is Yu Yu Hakasho–I watched it occasionally as a kid but didn’t understand the full meaning until I recently restarted it.


Me in the morning 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Initially, I remembered vague bits and thought the show was just a pure fighting anime. I couldn’t have been more wrong–uncovering a story full of depth and highly interesting characters. Yusuke’s realization of how his death affects his friends and family reminds us of how death changes loved ones. As a ghost, Yusuke is able to view their grief and struggle first-hand. Now, that’s a little of heavy of an experience for real life–which is why I prefer such contemplation through a television show.

Since the anime came out in 1992, I would never expect much in the way of merchandise. However, during my most recent anime con visit I happened to come across some blind box collectibles. Each box comes with an acrylic character floating over an acrylic stand. I’m usually not a fan of the 2d look of acrylic merchandise however, the chibi aspect of the characters lends itself adorably.


I ended up getting Kurama, who is still Mr. Cool even in flatten form. I hope to get fortunate with some more Yu Yu Hakasho merch. If anything, maybe I can make some of my own ^___^



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