Re-ment Blind Box: Pokemon Tea Set

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Ahhhh Re-ment miniatures–it’s been too long!

I recently uncovered the Pokemon floral cup collection. I picked this up at a recent anime con and wanted nothing more than to purchase the entire set. Unsurprisingly, I had already gotten into trouble with other purchases and figured it would be wise to purchase just one.

Ironically, what I adored about this miniature was how massive it happened to be ^__^ and how there was so much weight to it. After viewing the entire list of possibilities I could honestly say that I would be happy with any of the “pokecups” that I chose.


Each of the Pokemon adorably complemented their teacup and chosen floral arrangement. If I had to choose, I would say that #6 Mew was what I hoped for most. I was very much in love with the shiny lavender cup.

I ended up getting Eevee (which apparently is Eievui in Japanese) who ended up being super adorable on top of its puffy white teacup.

Ahhh so cute, I still ask to this day why can’t Pokemon be real?? o__O



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