Halloween Haul: Target

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Bwhahaha…YES!! I am always so excited to shop for Halloween. This time of year is the only time you’ll see me shop for decorations. I probably own enough black and orange to completely design a house or two…yet I must purchase more *____*…

This year at Target, I finally broke down and allowed myself to indulge in a few items that have been stuck on my wants list for the last few years: lighting. I made sure to pick up a bat projector this year and then I broke down and also bought an orange/purple light projector from Phillips. I can say that I am happy with both–each set of light does add to the magical atmosphere of my place.


All the goodies. Lights, favors, makeup and a movie.


I was quite delighted to find this movie (or I should say movies). I don’t ever recall watching the second Halloweentown and the first brings up such fond memories… ahhh…


LOL, I love how cutesy creepy these bubbles are. More on the sweet side which I am always down for when it comes to Halloween.


I cannot wait to give this nail polish a try: glow in the dark nail polish and glitter makeup from one of my favorite makeup brands.


I broke down and bought these super adorable skeleton string lights. They are colorful and fun–each skeleton fading into a different color of its own choosing.


FINALLY!! What a treat after all of these years of wanting a motion projector…


Such a fun decoration! The moving bats really adds a whimsical touch to our place.

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