Lost in Anxiety

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I am not certain why each day has left me more and more anxious. I feel like I am doing everything wrong and couldn’t be more lost.

There’s so many things that I need to change–to mend–and I can’t figure out where to begin. I don’t know why I struggle so much to figure out my life. I am a constant seeker of knowledge–running to the self-help books and guides with the hopes that I will acquire the wisdom required to fix everything. But the lessons I apply from my readings simply aren’t working.

Years ago, I seemed to have everything figured out–even though I was absolutely headed nowhere in my life. The lack of ascension didn’t really seem to matter, because I was hopeful every day and took action every day. Now, all the hope has burned out. I’m left with anxiety, uncertainty for the future, and fear.

I just want to hide from it all–disappear from my problems. I treasure life so much, and that’s why I detest being so consumed with these negative emotions…


(Image credit pixabay.com)


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